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Why Faris Capital Partners Stands Out: The FULL OUT® Difference

October 31, 2023
Written by John Makarewicz


In the world of real estate syndication, what truly distinguishes one firm from another? At Faris Capital Partners, we’ve broken the mold of the typical syndication fund with our FULL OUT® approach. But what does FULL OUT® mean, and why should it matter to you? Let’s dive in.

1. Financial Stake (F): 

When you invest with Faris Capital Partners, you’re partnering with individuals who are genuinely vested in the success of every deal. Unlike mere advisors, our team places their own capital on the line, investing in the very deals we present. We don’t just believe in our projects; we’re financially committed to them.


2. Unrivaled Expertise (U): 

Experience can’t be faked. The depth of our knowledge stems from the legacy of our two owners, who have successfully built 8 and 9 figure real estate empires. We’re not just trying to build wealth; we’re replicating success.


3. Local Specialists (L): 

Real estate is all about location. With a 7-member dedicated team stationed in Florida and Canada, we ensure that every deal is handpicked, managed, and nurtured by specialists who understand the nuances of the local markets intimately. From acquisition to investor relations, our dynamic team ensures every detail is meticulously managed.


4. Legal Ease (L): 

Cross-border investments can become entangled in complex tax details and legalities. But with Faris Capital Partners, you don’t have to navigate this complexity. Our expertise ensures a seamless investment experience, devoid of cumbersome paperwork and unnecessary delays.


5. Outstanding Communication (O): 

Transparency is at the core of trust. With Faris Capital Partners, rest assured, that you’re always informed. Our monthly updates are dispatched diligently on the 30th of every month, so ensure you’re looped in. And if for any reason we miss an update? Well, dinner’s on us.


6. Uncommon Advantage (U): 

Having sold over 20,000 properties as real estate brokers ourselves, we bring a unique perspective to the table. This experience grants us an inside track, building stronger ties with local brokers and giving us unparalleled access to the best off-market deals.


7. Ten-Step Full Out Investing System (T): 

Our experience culminates in our proprietary ten-step investing system. This robust framework, fine-tuned through years of experience, promises an elevated real estate investing experience for our partners. It’s not just about investing; it’s about doing it right.



Faris Capital Partners isn’t just another syndication fund. Our FULL OUT® approach reflects our ethos, our commitment, and our promise to every investor. We invite you to experience the FULL OUT® difference and to partner with a team that truly sets the benchmark in real estate syndication.


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