The Importance of Feedback in Our Success: How Faris Capital Partners Listens

January 10, 2023
Written by John Makarewicz


At Faris Capital Partners, we’ve learned that the cornerstone of enduring success in the multifamily real estate market isn’t just found in the numbers, but also in the voices of our clients, investors, and team members. Feedback, in its many forms, is an invaluable tool that drives our growth, innovation, and effectiveness. Embracing both the praise and the criticism, we’ve cultivated an environment where every suggestion, opinion, and critique is a stepping stone to excellence.


Fostering Open Communication Channels

One of our key strategies is maintaining open, diverse, and accessible channels of communication. Whether it’s through regular investor meetings, surveys, informal discussions, or digital platforms, we encourage and welcome clear and honest feedback. This open-door policy ensures that our stakeholders, both internal and external, can easily express their thoughts and concerns, knowing that their voices will not only be heard but also valued and considered.


Turning Feedback into Action

Listening is only half the journey; the true test is in how we respond and adapt. At Faris Capital Partners, feedback directly influences our operations and strategies. When our investors speak about their experiences, preferences, or concerns, we delve into the root causes and proactively seek solutions. We view each piece of feedback as an opportunity to refine our approach — whether it’s enhancing our deal selection process, improving our client services, or adapting our investment strategies to better meet investor needs.


Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Internally, feedback shapes our company culture, guiding us towards being not just a better firm, but a collective of individuals committed to personal and professional growth. Our team is encouraged to regularly share insights and constructive critiques, fostering a culture where continuous improvement is the norm. This internal feedback loop ensures that our services, from asset management to client engagement, are always evolving and aligning with the highest standards of excellence and efficiency.


Learning from Diverse Perspectives

Recognizing the diversity of our investors and the multifamily market, we also value feedback that comes from varying perspectives. Understanding different viewpoints and experiences enables us to tailor our services and investments more effectively, ensuring we meet the nuanced needs of a diverse investor base. This multi-angled view keeps us ahead in a dynamic market, where understanding trends and shifts through different lenses can provide a competitive edge.



At Faris Capital Partners, feedback isn’t just a formality; it’s a crucial component of our strategy and a key driver of our success. We’re continually listening, learning, and adapting — not just because it’s good business practice, but because we believe it’s the only way to ensure meaningful and lasting success. In our pursuit to create the best possible real estate investing experience in the world, the insights and opinions of our community are our most valuable assets, steering us towards smarter decisions, stronger relationships, and superior results.

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