Strategies for Finding Off-Market Multifamily Apartment Deals

October 6, 2023
Written by John Makarewicz


Finding off-market multifamily apartment deals can be a treasure hunt of sorts – it requires patience, persistence, and insider knowledge. At Faris Capital Partners, we understand that nurturing exceptional broker relationships is key, with brokers bringing close to 90% of all closed transactions.


Why Off-Market Deals?

Off-market deals can offer numerous benefits. They present opportunities to negotiate pricing and terms directly with the seller, often resulting in better deal structures. Moreover, it offers investors the chance to uncover gems that may not have been exposed to the wider market.


Broker Relationships – The Golden Key 

Building strong relationships with brokers is a vital part of securing off-market deals. These professionals are often the first point of contact for property owners looking to sell, providing a pipeline of potential deals. Our strategy at Faris Capital Partners is centered around nurturing these broker relationships. We aim to be their first call when a potential deal surfaces.

These relationships go beyond simple transactions. They’re built on trust, reliability, and our reputation for closing deals efficiently and professionally.


Network Expansion

While broker relationships are paramount, expanding our network to include attorneys, property managers, and other real estate professionals can also uncover promising leads. This broad network acts as our eyes and ears on the ground, providing insights and opportunities that may not be available to the wider market.


Local Market Expertise

In-depth knowledge of local markets also plays a vital role in finding off-market deals. Understanding the market dynamics, growth indicators, and economic trends allows us to identify potential opportunities before they come on the market.



Finding off-market multifamily apartment deals is an art that combines strong broker relationships, extensive networks, and deep local market expertise. At Faris Capital Partners, we’ve mastered this art, allowing us to source high-quality deals that provide exceptional returns for our investors.


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