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Multifamily Investing Tips

FEBRUARY 27, 2024
Written by John Makarewicz


Like any real estate investment, successful multifamily apartment investing requires careful underwriting and a detailed understanding of the market. Here are some tips while scoping out multifamily investing opportunities.


– Gain insights into the local market
Explore the comparative rental and sales data in the area. For those investing via platforms such as Faris Capital Partners, this essential data, including comparative market analyses, are a key part of the investment offering.


– Evaluate the business plan
Evaluate the level of risk assumed by the project lead, which in turn affects your exposure as a limited partner (LP) investor. Assess the required scope of capital upgrades, the existing occupancy rate, and the target occupancy needed to achieve the projected financial outcomes. Consider the extent of leverage being used. It’s crucial to understand the risk elements involved and determine if the anticipated returns align with these risks.


– Get to know the financial framework
Navigating the structure of real estate, particularly for multifamily properties with numerous units, can be complex. Ensure you comprehend your position within this structure and your contractual entitlements as an investor. This includes understanding the distribution hierarchy and whether your cash flow is assured or subject to the decision-making of the sponsor.


– Always prioritize diversification
Regardless of your investment goals or risk appetite, adopting a diversified strategy is recommended. Faris Capital Partners enables you to invest with a minimum investment of $100,000 in a passive manner. This approach simplifies the process of spreading your investments across various opportunities.


For a less hands-on approach, a passive approach to multifamily investing, consider investing with us. Faris Capital Partners gives you the freedom to invest passively in multifamily properties.



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