Making the Leap: A Guide for Canadian Investors Looking to Invest in US Multifamily Apartments

August 31, 2023
Written by Mark Faris


The US multifamily market presents a tantalizing opportunity for Canadian investors. However, navigating this foreign landscape can be daunting. This guide demystifies the process, providing Canadian investors with a roadmap for successfully investing in US multifamily apartments.


1. Understanding the US Multifamily Market:

The US multifamily market differs significantly from Canada’s. It’s crucial for Canadian investors to familiarize themselves with these differences, including market cycles, property types, regulations, and local economies. As always, the Faris Capital Partners team is here to help. Book a one on one with our team today and we will answer any questions you may have.


2. Legal Considerations:

Cross-border real estate investments involve complex legal issues. Canadian investors must consider American tax laws, legal structure options (LLC, LLP, C-Corp), and implications on estate planning. Consulting with a US-based attorney with cross-border expertise is advisable.

That said, Faris Capital Partners has created a solution to help Canadians avoid cross-border tax issues. Touch base with us to learn more about our process!


3. Financing:

Understanding the US lending market and its unique requirements is critical. US-based lenders typically finance these investments, and certain criteria must be met for approval. Additionally, currency exchange rates can impact return on investment.


4. Location, Location, Location:

Identifying profitable markets is paramount. Factors like job growth, population trends, and rental demand should guide decision-making. States like Florida and Texas, with their booming economies and growing populations, have been particularly attractive to Canadian investors.


5. Building a US-Based Team:

Having a reliable team on the ground is essential. Property managers, brokers, contractors, and legal advisors familiar with the local market can provide invaluable assistance. That is where Faris Capital Partners comes in. We have built a “Power Team” of the best in the industry to help ensure our investments are successful.


6. Property Management:

Effective property management is key to a successful investment. Options include hiring a US-based property management company or utilizing property management software for a more hands-on approach.



While investing in US multifamily apartments presents Canadian investors with a wealth of opportunities, it’s a venture that requires thorough research, careful planning, and strategic partnerships. By understanding the intricacies of the US market, staying informed about legal and financial considerations, and leveraging local expertise, Canadian investors can find great success south of the border.

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