How Our Investment Process Works: A Comprehensive Guide by Faris Capital Partners

January 09, 2023
Written by Mark Faris

At Faris Capital Partners, we understand that your trust is not a given—it’s earned. Our transparent and meticulously crafted investment strategy, including our Full Out Proven Process and our Full Out 28-Day Transformation Plan, has been designed with a single goal: to offer our investors the very best in multifamily apartment investment opportunities. Let’s break down how we do it.


Full Out Proven Process

The 10 Step

Step 1: Opportunity Sourcing: Our top-notch market research zeroes in on thriving markets, selecting those with promising population and job growth trends, rent increases, and property value appreciation.

Step 2: Strong Broker Relationships: People are at the heart of what we do. Our network of broker connections ensures we’re always in the loop about both listed and off-market investment possibilities.

Step 3: Analyzing Deals: Our dedicated analysts employ the latest tools, assessing multiple deals daily, keeping only those that align with our blueprint and your aspirations.

Step 4: Due Diligence: Every potential property is personally vetted. We study financials, inspect properties, and collaborate with construction teams to detail the scope of value-add renovations. Plus, we ensure the best financing and insurance terms.

Step 5: Partner Review and Investment: Here, we introduce the chosen opportunity to our investor partners, furnishing them with a comprehensive business plan and personalized consultations. It’s an open invitation to join our journey.

Step 6: Value-Added Approach: From day one, we’re on-site, rapidly initiating our improvement plans, all the while ensuring regular progress checks.

Step 7: Exceptional Communication: Expect a monthly update from us, no exceptions—our commitment to transparency is unwavering. In fact, if we ever miss a monthly update we will buy you dinner at a restaurant of your choice. 

Step 8: Passive Income Generation: Even as we enhance properties, we keep the cash flowing. Our aim? Regular monthly distributions to our partners within half a year of acquisition.

Step 9: Tax benefits and preparation: For our Canadian partners, the investment process is streamlined. No need for additional paperwork or complex tax procedures.

Step 10: Exit and New Opportunity Presented: Our vision typically spans 3-5 years per investment. But as one journey ends, another begins—we hope you’ll be by our side for each one.


Full Out 28-Day Transformation Plan

The Phases of Our 28-Day Transformation Process

Quick, efficient, and impactful, our 28-day plan transforms our multifamily properties into thriving communities:

1. Exterior Painting: Fresh paint breathes new life into properties, setting them apart in the neighborhood.

2. Modern Signage: Along with vibrant exteriors, our new signs make a clear statement: this property is contemporary and top-tier.

3. Landscaping Refresh: Green spaces get a makeover, offering residents lush, enjoyable communal areas.

4. Interior Specifications Approval: No time is lost in green-lighting specifications, ensuring rapid unit upgrades.

5. Vacant Unit Upgrades: We prioritize vacant units for improvements, focusing on elements that modern residents seek, like chic fixtures and energy-saving appliances.

6. Fitness Equipment Update: The community gym gets an overhaul, with cutting-edge equipment that caters to the fitness needs of all residents.

7. Amenity Enhancements: We’re all about the extras. From revamped pool loungers to updated playgrounds, we ensure residents have top-tier amenities at their fingertips.



Faris Capital Partners is not just another real estate investment firm. We’re a dedicated team on a mission to offer unparalleled value, both to our properties and our investors. Through our systematic, efficient, and comprehensive strategies, we aim to make every investment journey a success story. If you’re ready to be a part of this journey, reach out today. We’re here, ready to partner with you.


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