How our A-Player Hiring Process Drives Success in Multifamily Investing

March 04, 2024
Written by John Makarewicz


In multifamily investing, the success of your investments largely hinges on the quality of the team managing it. At Faris Capital Partners, we understand this crucial aspect and have built our business around the philosophy of hiring only A-players – the best of the best.


1. The Power of an A-Player Team

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are experts in finance, acquisitions, asset management, marketing, and investor relations. This A-Player team ensures that our investors are well cared for and that we’re mitigating risks at every turn. Each member brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a dedication to providing the best possible investing experience.


2. Our Robust Hiring Process

At Faris Capital Partners, we don’t just fill vacancies; we strategically curate our team through a robust, multi-step hiring process. We initiate the process with a screening interview, followed by a comprehensive interview to assess the candidate’s competencies and potential fit within our organization.

After the comprehensive interview, we proceed with a fit interview and a review of a behavioral assessment called the AVA. This assessment helps us determine if a candidate’s natural behavioral style aligns with the responsibilities of the role. Diligent reference checks and a work simulation are the final steps before making a hiring decision.


3. Why Our A-Player Approach Matters 

This meticulous hiring process, although time-consuming, is a crucial aspect of our success. It helps us build a team of A-players, reduce turnover, and increase job satisfaction. We firmly believe that front-end preparation saves a lot of back-end frustration.


4. The Impact on Your Investment

Our commitment to building an A-Player team not only sets us apart as a company, but it directly benefits your investment. With seasoned professionals diligently managing your investment, you can rest assured that your interests are our top priority.




The time and effort we invest in our hiring process underscore our commitment to providing an exceptional multifamily apartment investing experience. At Faris Capital Partners, we believe that everything is possible with the right attitude, creativity, and desire to win – and that starts with having the right people on our team.



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