Choosing the Right US Real Estate Markets for Canadian Investors

Sept 15, 2023
Written by Mark Faris


The allure of US real estate markets for Canadian investors is undeniable. With the US housing sector’s vastness, stability, and potential for significant returns, Canadian investors often find themselves scouting for ideal multifamily apartment investment opportunities. But with 50 states to choose from, which markets truly offer the best opportunities? Let’s dive in and discover why Florida emerges as the top choice.


1. What Canadian Investors Seek in US Markets

– Stable Economic Growth: The primary objective for most investors is to park their money in regions exhibiting steady economic growth. A flourishing economy often leads to better job opportunities, drawing more residents and fueling demand for housing.

– High Rental Yields: Areas with a high rental demand, paired with reasonable property acquisition costs, usually guarantee high rental yields.

– Cultural and Geographic Proximity: Locations that share cultural similarities or are geographically closer can be preferable due to familiar lifestyles and ease of access.


2. Florida: A Beacon for Canadian Investors

– Economic Vibrancy: Florida, particularly regions like Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville, has showcased consistent economic growth, buoyed by sectors like tourism, agriculture, and aerospace, defence, and healthcare.

– Tax Benefits: Florida is one of the few US states without personal income tax making it an attractive home for many US citizens. The lower tax implications are a big driver of population growth in Florida.

– Robust Rental Demand: Thanks to its balmy weather, thriving job market, and world-class amenities, Florida remains a renter’s paradise. This has led to consistently high rental yields for multifamily apartment owners.

– Cultural Ties and Accessibility: Florida has always been a popular destination for Canadians, whether for vacationing, retiring, or investing. Its relatively close proximity to Canada, combined with its diverse and inclusive culture, makes it a comfortable choice for Canadian investors.


3. The Faris Capital Partners Advantage in Florida

At Faris Capital Partners, our expertise is deeply rooted in the Florida market. Our Full Out Proven Process guarantees Canadian investors a seamless investment experience in Florida.

– Local Specialists: Our dedicated team in Florida, including the CEO, president, acquisition experts, and asset managers, ensures that investors receive the best deals and management services on the ground.

– Uncommon Advantage: Our extensive experience in selling properties gives us a unique edge. We can navigate Florida’s real estate landscape better than most, giving our investors access to the best off-market deals.



Choosing the right market for multifamily apartment investments is crucial. Florida, with its myriad advantages, stands out as the prime choice for Canadian investors. Faris Capital Partners, with its deep-rooted presence and unmatched expertise in Florida, ensures that Canadian investors not only choose the right market but also make the most out of their investments. Come discover the golden opportunities that await in the Sunshine State!

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