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Choosing the Right Market to Invest In

MARCH 07, 2024
Written by John Makarewicz


Investing in real estate syndication starts with one crucial decision: picking the right market. This choice shapes the potential of your investment, factoring in economic health, population trends, and market stability. It’s about finding a place where your investment can grow and thrive.

Choosing the Right Market to Invest InThe journey to successful real estate syndication investing begins with a critical choice – selecting the right market. This choice requires careful consideration of various factors that collectively influence the viability and potential returns of your investment.


One of the first factors to review is the economic vibrancy of the prospective market. For instance, the population size and growth of an area can significantly affect the demand for housing. Markets experiencing population growth often see a corresponding rise in rental demand, leading to increased rents and property values. However, population growth should be accompanied by economic and population diversity. A market with a variety of job sectors tends to be less vulnerable to economic shifts, offering more stability for your investment. Likewise, a diverse mix of age and income levels among the populace often results in a more stable rental market.


Just as important is the local economic health. Look at the average household income, the income growth trajectory, and the unemployment rate. Markets with higher household incomes and low unemployment usually denote a healthy economy – a positive sign for rental demand and rental rates.


Moving from the broader economic picture, let’s zoom into the specific neighborhoods within your chosen market. A neighborhood’s character, signaled by crime rates, household income, poverty levels, and local unemployment rates, can affect both property values and the quality of potential tenants. For instance, neighborhoods with lower crime rates are likely to attract higher-quality tenants, while higher neighborhood income usually corresponds to higher potential rents and property values.


Next, you’ll want to delve into the specifics of the real estate market. Examine factors such as the ratio of owner-occupied to rental properties, the rent-to-value ratio, the local apartment vacancy rate, and the average rents for the area. Each of these factors can give you insights into rental demand and the potential returns on your investment.


Finally, don’t overlook regulatory factors. Local and state laws can influence the cost and ease of property management. Tax rates, insurance costs, and landlord-tenant laws vary widely and can significantly impact your bottom line.



The process of choosing the right market is intricate and requires diligent research. At Faris Capital Partners, we understand the importance of this decision and undertake comprehensive market analysis before selecting a location for our syndications. It’s all part of our commitment to growing your investment and protecting your capital in a way that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.



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