Building a Strong Support Team for Successful Passive Investing

January 31, 2024
Written by John Makarewicz


At Faris Capital Partners, we understand the importance of assembling a robust team of experts to navigate the world of passive investing successfully. Passive investing offers the opportunity to grow your wealth without the day-to-day management responsibilities but to maximize its potential, you need the right professionals by your side. Here are the key players you need on your team:

– Strategic Advisor: A strategic advisor plays a crucial role in defining your investment goals, assessing risk tolerance, and establishing an investment timeline. They provide guidance on selecting investments that align with your wealth-building objectives. While gaining a deep understanding of finance is valuable, it often makes sense to engage a financial advisor well-versed in private equity and real estate to assist with initial portfolio setup, especially for those new to passive investing.

– Tax Professional: An accountant or tax professional is one of the most critical members of your team. They help minimize tax liabilities by leveraging strategies like depreciation and accelerated depreciation, ultimately maximizing profits. They assist in managing income and expenses, preparing tax returns, tracking investments, and addressing any tax-related issues. Finding a tax professional with expertise in passive real estate is ideal, and it’s even better if they engage in proactive tax planning. It’s advisable to establish this partnership before commencing investments.

– Legal Professional: Passive investors should collaborate with a lawyer or legal expert to navigate the legal complexities of their investment strategy. This is particularly important when investing in real estate, as various legal considerations come into play. Legal professionals review documents to ensure the legality of investments, assess personal legal structures, provide guidance on investment structuring, and assist in resolving disputes. Ideally, your legal professional should have a background in securities law, and it’s advantageous if they work closely with a tax group.



Where to Find Your Ideal Team

Building a Strong Support Team for Successful Passive Investing

Finding the right professionals for your passive investing team can be accomplished through various means:

– Seek Recommendations: Begin by asking fellow investors with experience in passive real estate investing for recommendations. Their insights can lead you to trustworthy experts.

– Consult Operators: Reach out to experienced real estate operators and inquire about professionals they prefer working with. Ensure transparency regarding any referral fees involved.

– Join Investment Clubs: Explore local real estate investment clubs or networking groups. They can be valuable sources of referrals and connections to potential team members.

Regardless of your approach, make it a priority to interview multiple candidates before making your final decisions.



Vetting and Selecting the Right Team Members

Once you’ve identified potential candidates, use these guidelines to vet and choose the best team members:

– Conduct Research: Perform a quick online search to confirm their credentials and experience in passive investing. Look for positive customer reviews and a respected reputation in the industry.

– Request Referrals: Consult other passive investors for recommendations. Contact the recommended professionals to discuss their services and expertise.

– Interview Multiple Candidates: After narrowing down your list of potential experts, interview several candidates. This process will help you better understand their qualifications and what they can bring to your team.

-Ensure Compatibility: Beyond qualifications, assess whether the expert is a good fit for your personality and investing style. A comfortable working relationship is essential for long-term success.



In Conclusion

At Faris Capital Partners, we believe that assembling a strong support team is essential for successful passive investing. Building your dream team should consist of a financial planner, tax professional, legal expert, and other key professionals who can assist you in making informed investment decisions and maximizing your returns. With these five critical players on your side, your journey into passive investing is set for success!



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