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Building a Diversified US Multifamily Portfolio: Strategies for Canadian Investors

November 20, 2023
Written by John Makarewicz


For Canadian investors looking towards the US multifamily market, diversification is key. While opportunities abound in multifamily real estate across the United States, navigating this terrain requires a strategic approach to maximize returns while mitigating risk. In this guide, we’ll outline effective strategies for Canadian investors aiming to build a diversified and robust US multifamily portfolio.


1. Geographical Diversification:
One of the first steps in building a diversified portfolio is geographical diversification. Different US regions offer varying growth prospects, economic strengths, and tenant demographics. For instance, cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville have shown promising growth in the multifamily sector due to increasing population, job growth, and favorable climates. Investing in different cities and states can help hedge against localized economic downturns and tap into different growth narratives.


2. Focus on Market Fundamentals:
Rather than chasing hot markets or trends, smart investors focus on solid market fundamentals. Look for regions with a growing population, diverse employment sectors, and low crime rates. Markets showing signs of strong and sustainable demand for rental properties, like those with low housing starts, are often good choices. Faris Capital Partners, for instance, uses a rigorous deal selection process, focusing on such enduring market fundamentals to ensure the resilience and growth potential of investments.


3. Value-Add Opportunities:

Seek properties with value-add potential, allowing you to actively force appreciation rather than passively relying on market trends. This could involve property improvements to increase rent, adding amenities attractive to the local demographic, or optimizing property management. A strategic approach to renovation and value addition, like Faris Capital Partners’ ‘Full Out 28-Day Transformation’, can significantly enhance asset value and rental income.


4. Leverage Expertise and Networks:
Navigating the US multifamily market as a Canadian investor can be complex due to cross-border tax implications, financing, and market differences. Collaborating with experienced partners like Faris Capital Partners, who understand both the Canadian perspective and the nuances of the US real estate market, is invaluable. These partnerships can offer insights, access to off-market deals, and help in managing your investments more effectively.


5. Diversify Across Asset Types and Sizes:

Beyond geographical diversification, consider diversifying across different types of multifamily properties — from luxury to affordable housing segments, and varying sizes from smaller units to larger complexes. Each type has its own risk and return profile, tenant base, and economic cycle resilience, offering a balanced exposure.


6. Stay Informed and Adaptable:
Finally, keep abreast of market changes, regulatory environments, and economic trends. The ability to adapt to new information and shift investment strategies when necessary is crucial. For Canadian investors, this means staying informed about both US and Canadian market trends and economic policies that could impact investments.


Building a diversified US multifamily portfolio offers Canadian investors a chance to tap into one of the most dynamic real estate sectors in North America. By focusing on market fundamentals, exploring value-add opportunities, leveraging professional networks, and diversifying across regions and property types, investors can construct a robust, resilient investment portfolio. With strategic planning and expert guidance, Canadian investors can effectively navigate the multifamily landscape, capitalizing on the diverse opportunities the US market offers.

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