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Beyond the Sunshine: The Impact of Tourism on Florida’s Multifamily Apartment Investments

August 25, 2023
Written by Mark Faris


Tourism’s role in Florida’s economy is undeniable. Yet its influence extends beyond the leisure and hospitality sectors, profoundly impacting the multifamily apartment investment landscape. Understanding how tourism shapes the state’s multifamily market is crucial for investors looking to capitalize on the Sunshine State’s opportunities.


1. Transient Population and Seasonal Demand:

Florida’s robust tourism industry contributes to a significant transient population, resulting in increased seasonal demand for short-term rentals. Multifamily properties offering flexible lease terms can capitalize on this trend, potentially enhancing their rental income.


2. Job Creation and Economic Growth:

Tourism in Florida fuels job creation, especially in the hospitality sector. This job growth translates into more potential tenants and steady demand for multifamily housing, particularly in tourist hotspots like Orlando, Tampa, and Miami.


3. Infrastructure Development:

Tourism-driven economic growth often prompts improvements in infrastructure and public amenities, making areas more attractive for long-term residents. Such developments can raise property values and rental rates, benefitting multifamily investors.


4. Diversified Tenant Base:

Tourism attracts a broad spectrum of people, from seasonal workers to international tourists intending to stay longer. This diversity can help multifamily property owners maintain a stable occupancy rate throughout the year.


5. Potential Risks and Challenges:

While tourism’s impact is generally positive, it’s crucial for investors to consider potential challenges. These might include increased wear and tear on properties due to high turnover and the risk of economic downturns impacting tourism and subsequently the rental market.

That is why Faris Capital Partners focuses on markets in Florida that have strong job diversity beyond tourism. Markets like Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando get a boost from tourism (Orlando in particular) but have many other strong economic drivers such as healthcare, defense, tech, aerospace, and beyond.



The interplay between tourism and the multifamily market in Florida offers unique opportunities and challenges. As an investor, it’s essential to recognize tourism’s influence when evaluating potential investments. Armed with this understanding, you can make strategic decisions that leverage tourism’s benefits while mitigating potential risks.

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