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Director of Asset Management

As our Director of Asset Management, your unique mission is to maximize the performance and value of our property portfolio through strategic planning, efficient management, and effective risk mitigation, thereby driving profitable growth and delivering superior returns for our investors.

Job Description

Transform Our Portfolio and Forge Your Future: Elevate Your Asset Management Career at Faris Capital Partners!

Join an ambitious syndication business and make your mark by driving growth and maximizing returns.

A minimum of five years of experience as an asset manager or real estate project manager is required to be considered for this role. This is a remote position, but you must be located in Florida and be open to travel.

Faris Capital Partners is a forward-thinking apartment syndication firm that believes in the power of collaboration, innovative thinking, and hard work. We offer a stimulating work environment, fantastic opportunities for professional growth, and a culture that promotes balance, recognition, and rewarding success.

Results to be generated:

  1. Enhance the financial performance of our property portfolio by increasing NOI and decreasing operating expenses.
  2. Diligently monitor all operational aspects of our portfolio from acquisition to successful exit. This includes overseeing the renovation work, property management, and overall operations of each property. Ensure effective risk management across all of our properties.
  3. Drive consistent growth and capital appreciation of all assets in our portfolio.

Your day-to-day responsibilities will include the following:

  1. Strategic Oversight: Driving the strategic direction of our portfolio, including property repositioning, executing capital improvement plans, and holding third-party property management accountable for strategy and budget expectations.
  2. Project and Contractor Management: Overseeing renovations and construction for all properties, coordinating with contractors to ensure cost savings and excellence in delivery.
  3. Operational Management: Supervising operational aspects, including rent collection, tenant management, lease administration, property inspections, and lease renewals while maximizing rents and conducting “cash for keys” transactions when necessary.
  4. Financial Stewardship: Managing financial tasks such as budgeting, forecasting, and liaising with finance for audits, appraisals, and refinancing. This includes monitoring each investment’s cash position, managing capital needs, ensuring cost segregation, and achieving favorable outcomes on tax appeals per asset strategy.
  5. Performance Assessment: Assessing and reporting on asset performance relative to underwriting strategies, business plans, and industry benchmarks, presenting findings and actionable recommendations to management.
  6. Reporting: Work with the finance team to generate monthly reports tracking the overall performance of each property, including detailed financials. Review and evaluate all aspects of operating performance, including rent rolls, operating statements, collection, etc.
  7. Tenant and Partner Liaison: Acting as the key contact for commercial and residential tenants, submitting financial information, and organizing purchase agreements and leases with third-party partners.

Skills, Attributes, and Responsibilities:

In this exciting and dynamic role as our Director of Asset Management, you’ll be tasked with a variety of high-impact responsibilities. At the top of this list is the application of your superior capex budgeting knowledge, a skill that’s paramount to the accuracy of our business plan.

You should have a strong background in financial analysis, strategic planning, risk management, and project management. You should possess excellent communication and negotiation skills, leadership qualities, and a deep understanding of market trends and regulatory compliance. We value detail-oriented, analytical thinkers who are adaptable and tech-savvy.

Your main responsibilities will be property performance management, risk identification and mitigation, budget planning, and management, capital improvement planning, market analysis and strategy development, and stakeholder communication.

Our Acquisitions team will rely on your expertise to review and validate underwriting as well as your active participation in due diligence activities. You will also assist with ensuring compliance with all loan-related items, keeping us on track with our financial obligations.

To truly thrive in this role, you’ll need more than just technical skills and experience. We’re looking for a strong, inspiring leader, someone who can drive our team forward, harness their strengths, and keep morale high in the face of challenges. As the Director of Asset Management, you will be navigating complex situations, managing multiple projects simultaneously, and making tough decisions. A high tolerance for stress is vital. We need someone who remains calm under pressure, providing steadfast leadership and solutions-focused thinking when it’s needed most. If you’re the kind of person who sees obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow, and you have a proven track record of leading teams toward success, we’d love to hear from you.

The challenge

Are you ready to lead, innovate, and transform our portfolio? Are you ready to make a significant impact, shape the future of our firm, and accelerate your career growth? If so, we are excited to meet you.

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